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With twenty plus years of hands-on, involved experience, our brand can offer a wide set of unique and creative skills to any project. Whatever dream home you would like to build, we can provide it, and have you walking beside us every step of the way. Integrity Custom Homes and its reputation as the standard for expert and boutique custom home builders began with owner Gregg Bothwell, who burned with a strong passion for building beautiful, safe home in Lubbock and its surrounding areas. From these humble beginnings, our company has quietly risen to a become a highly sought after custom home brand. Due to the great success that our brand has worked hard for, we plan to expand into the region of Permian Basin and other areas, to further increase our influence. Our experience in terms of home types is as vast as our customer base: from small, friendly cottages to larger, more modern homes, Integrity Custom Homes can do it all, and do it well. With incredible attention to detail and a passion that mirrors that of the customer, our dream to build quality home is more than achievable: it is necessary



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What we can do for you


Of the Highest Quality

Integrity Custom Homes is widely known for our unique eye for design, for in every sketch, blueprint, and plot, we do not see obstacles—only possibility. Working in collaboration with incredibly skilled architects and interior designers, Integrity Custom Homes is committed to creating spaces that not only encapsulate every aspect of your vision, but incorporate your daily life into the nooks and crannies of your home. This is, after all, where you will live, create memories, and forge bonds that will last forever. With us, you are guaranteed that these spaces will be safe, cohesive, and gorgeous to both look at and live in. Our custom designs and construction plans combine the old-school appeal and charm of cottages and farmhouses, with the efficiency and clarity of new modern houses. While this combination may be frivolous and inconceivable for some, we at Integrity Custom Homes are not only looking for convenience and ease, but innovation and forward thinking. If your home can have the best of both worlds, why shouldn’t it? Our team is incredibly gifted when it comes to such combinations, and we (and the companies and individuals who we partner with) are fully able to seamlessly integrate the ease of farmhouse living with the convenience and class of modern homes. As is with everything, we work with discipline, focus, and integrity, while keeping constant communication with our client as a priority. Working with clients is extremely important to us, as it is your vision we are bringing to life.

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Building Options

With twenty long years of experience in building dream houses, Integrity Custom Homes has come to be the standard for home builders everywhere. This high standard, which is becoming less and less common in today’s day and age, comes from the passion and energy with which our team and our associates approach their work. This quality also begins with attention to detail: intricacy is at the core of our business, and whether such intricacy is in the form of energy efficient materials or sustainable plumbing fixtures, we have the effort and energy to do the gritty work. It is this work, after all, that brings about crisp, fresh homes, and it is this work that cultivates the excellence we are known for. We also strive to gather the best building materials in order to ensure quality that lasts for life, so that every one of your memories is as fresh and beautiful as the last. Integrity Custom Houses has built many styles of homes, from large country estates to modest cottages, and even homes that are more on the farmhouse style. Our boutique building service comes unparalleled, and with our constant communication with our client, our associates, and our tradesmen, a community of openness and creativity is created. This is certainly the kind of energy you would like to build your home from, and it’s the energy we provide tenfold.


Customized for You

Integrity Custom Homes is passionate about Historical restoration, and it shows in the homes that we have renovated over the last two decades. To date, we have given hundreds of vintage and historical buildings a new lease on life. With the expertise of Gregg Bothwell, the Owner and President of Integrity Custom Homes, we have been able to remodel each space with care and an intricate craftsmanship that any customer is unlikely to find anywhere else. Gregg genuinely believes that any space, regardless of its age and level of deterioration, is a space of possibilities, upon which a beautiful home can be built.

We also specialize in renovating and remodeling homes. Our experienced team of designers, as well as out-house architects and interior designers, are skilled in giving customers exactly what they have been looking for. This is the goal for each and every custom home, renovation, modernization, and remodeling project: to bring to life the dream inside each customer’s heart. Our team’s true skill is being able to rework a home, all while keeping the personality and style of the owner in our mind and in our heart.

Modernizations are another specialty of ours.

Once again, Gregg’s years of experience, and his innate observation and eye for possibility, is what drives the remodeling and modernization machine. Our team simply follows his skill, and the result always meets the customer’s expectation, and oftentimes, exceeds them exceptionally. We are able to turn old, high maintenance houses into refurbished, modernized spaces, with all the charm and old-fashioned appeal of historic and vintage homes. With our detailed sketches, in-depth consultations, and constant communication with both clients and associates, your experience with Integrity Custom is sure to not disappoint.

Pipe Replacement

Special amenities

The Touches that make it you

Stay classy with a variety of elegant options in all sorts of styles and materials. Whether you want us to work with natural or synthetic materials, we’ll make sure this product is built specifically to suit your needs and preferences. Too busy to design something? Check out our pre-made designs.

With different sizes and styles available to choose from, creating a uniquely personalized pattern has never been easier! We specialize in designing and building high quality products for a variety of areas. This product is very popular, so we get tasked with designing and installing these on a regular basis. Let us know what you need, and we’ll make it happen.

We realize at Integrity Custom Homes that first impressions can last a lifetime, so taking great pride in manufacturing these impressive staircases and railing systems is something we highly value. We understand that these are the details which add remarkable character to your home.


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