Do you have an idea for a home, but have no idea where to begin? Do you want something unique, special, and tailored for you, rather than buying a home that someone else envisioned? Do you want a space that is completely and entirely your own? Look no further than Integrity Custom Homes. With years of experience in the construction industry, and a keen ear for incorporating the customer’s desires into the prospective building, each member of our fully-equipped team at Integrity Custom Homes has a passion for home-building, and a burning desire to meet each and every need of their customers. We also strive to work alongside architects and interior designers, amongst others, to ensure that the home we provide is house you have been wanting to call home.


Our business is not only skilled in building brand new homes, but in designing these novelty homes, as well as renovating houses that need a touch of style and personality. Our ability to transfer the style of the homeowner onto the project is rooted in our communication with our customers, as it is they who we are working for, and are pleasing. Integrity Custom Homes, as our name suggests, is founded on creating space with pride, dignity, and integrity. The team is committed to building homes where memories can be made and kept forever; these are the kind of homes that make you want to stay forever, and many families can attest to that.