Testimonials from our wide range of client can validate the passion, patience, and attention to detail with which we address any and all projects. Our quality and craftsmanship, in the words of one customer, can be seen from a mile away. Integrity Custom Homes is also remarkably skilled in terms of taking abandoned, dilapidated, and forgotten houses into special homes, bursting with beauty and meaning. Integrity Custom Homes has unparalleled customer service, as we are in constant connection with our customer base, in order to create a home that will fulfil every need and desire that the customer may have. This persistent communication allows us to best understand what it is that you want, and how we can bring about their desires in the best possible way. The differences between us and other less attentive home builders is that we genuinely care. Gregg Bothwell, CEO of Integrity Custom Homes, is at the forefront of customer service, caring for their every need during the designing, renovating, and building process. Every other member follows in his footsteps of diligence, intelligence, and excellent service. This stern example is set and maintained mostly through Gregg’s patience, kindness, and excellent communication skills, which he uses frequently to understand and deliver the customer’s wishes to the fullest extent. What we produce is high quality; our customers do not expect any less than this, and neither do we.